Store Setup

Cosmos Box

A single-product Shopify store with custom programming to display Amazon affiliate products directly on-site
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The Project

Create a great-looking single-product Shopify store without purchasing a premium theme, and find a solution to sell Amazon affiliate products not through ordinary affiliate links, but via product pages right in the store itself.

The Solution

Implemented a simple but visually appealing site design using only the default, free Shopify template “Debut”, integrating customer reviews and an Instagram feed.

Wrote custom code in Shopify’s Liquid language that allows the store owner to add Amazon affiliate products right in the store like any other product -- but, via simple tagging, hiding the product price and  replacing the “Add To Cart” and “Buy It Now” buttons with a “See It On Amazon” button that opens the affiliate product page on Amazon -- in a new tab, so customers aren’t being navigated off the Shopify store.

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